Sébastien Thomas

System artchitect

Sebastien is the system architect. He used to work for medias and Internet access providing big companies. His mandate is to review the complete architecture of the Coyote plateforme and participate in the realisation of research projects from a technological point of view. He acts as an evangelist to establish the right automatisation practices and the management of the infrastructure within Coyote.

Although Sebastien is passionate about informatic and his job, he used to be a DJ in big parisian clubs and he also rebuilt a house from the 20s. He is currently into carpentry!

David Audrain

Technical manager

David has been working for Coyote for more than 7 years now. Initially operating from the offices in Bordeaux, he joined Coyote Lab to support the team in the lab’s launch by transmitting the Coyote’s DNA.

He cannot wait for the ice to melt on the lakes and the Saint-Laurent river to practice standup paddle.