In pursuit of its innovative brand strategy, Coyote has created Coyote Lab, a laboratory dedicated to research and development. Its mission is to identify and respond to the needs and trends of tomorrow in the areas of driver services and road safety.

Coyote has therefore established operations in North America, benefiting from this market's capacity for innovation. In addition, this global vision will provide genuine synergy between Europe and America, and strengthen Coyote as a worldwide leader. .

Coyote service

Coyote is a collaborative service based on a simple principle : whom best than the motorist to alert roads aleas ?

As soon as a member from the community meets an issue on its trip, he signals it through its coyote device, its application or its on-board solution. The information goes up to the Coyote’s servers that centralises and analyses all the datas sent by the drivers who then communicate to all the users.

We maximize the data-cross for the protection of the Coyote’s community.

Intervention of Coyote Lab

Our technical partnerships

Coyote Lab is a leading member of the Urban Science Joint Research Unit (UMRsu), which comprises representatives of business, private enterprise, public administration and universities (such as the Université Laval). This platform acts as an accelerator for innovation and is mandated to maximize the efficiency of investments. The UMRsu provides a showcase for Coyote within various cities and municipalities, as well as the university community working in research and technology.

Other technological partnerships are being developed. If you want to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.