Created in 2005, the Coyote company is the european leader of hazard warning. Coyote solutions are certified NF "Driver Assistance System" and rely on the exchange of geolocated informations to enable drivers to be inform in real time about road conditions.


"Fabien Pierlot and his associate Jean-Marc Van Laethem have created Coyote in 2005. Both founders have associated GSM and GPS technologies to design a connected control box based on a simple principle: who better than the drivers to inform about traffic conditions? They have launched the first collaborative speed cameras detectors in Europe.
With the emergence of the AppStore, Coyote has created the Coyote App, one of the most downloaded commercial app in France and Belgium today. When car manufacturers commercialized the first connected cars, Coyote signed its first partnerships with them to integrate its service from the beginning.
As from 2012, the company has extended the nomenclature of the alerts and filed several patents, in particular for the collaborative updates of speed limits and for the prevention of drowsiness.
Today, Coyote’s patented technology comes in connected boxes, apps, and on-board solutions directly implemented within cars. The company is present in eight european countries. Coyote community gathers 5 millions drivers in Europe.
Now, Coyote’s ambition is to become the leader of connected services dedicated to drivers. To achieve its goal, the company is working on the extension of its services and smart data.


Coyote technology associates geo-tracking and qualified informations transmission in real time.
Each driver benefits from the collective intelligence of the Community to avoid road hazards by reporting to the others the presence of a danger.

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